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Beyond belief
is a whole new world.

Imagine if you could experience the truth of all that you are. Imagine if you could know your True Self with the exquisite clarity of the Divine vantage point.


Imagine that. And then let’s go there.

“To come into contact with anything Mary pours forth is to receive the glorious invitation to be remade into the Beautiful One you truly are.”

~ Chelan Harkin, Poet

About Mary

I grew up devoutly agnostic, but in December 2000 I began inexplicably entering into otherworldly realms, experiencing truths about both spirituality and humanity from stunning vantage points. The “access” continues today, and I facilitate this connection for others in various ways.

When I share the Divine wisdom I receive, or transmit the Divine energies I channel, people commonly feel an inciting shift or opening that catalyzes profound realizations and healings, not just for themselves but for others and the world.

I invite you to check out my offerings and see for yourself how genuine mystic wisdom can illuminate the way home to the Divine being you really are.


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"To a world constantly crying out for love, it is such a joy to say: Here I am, darling. I invite you in.”

~ Mary Reed

My work is an invitation to unite, Divine to Divine. This union happens in channeled group sessions in my private community, in the energetic resonance incited in my books and courses, and in the deep exploration of all there is to discover within yourself in my channeled consultations.

If you would like to support my work directly, donations are gratefully accepted.

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