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A Reminder of Why We're Here

Recently I shared a post of Jacob King sharing his incredible near-death experience with my private community. In his experience, he told God that he was going to have to tell his friends and family members about the incredible love he experienced in the heavenly realms, but he knew people wouldn't believe him. He said, "God, if you could just give them a little of this love so they could feel it, then they'd believe me."

To which God replied, "That's why you're there."

With that in mind, listen the last words of my new book, courtesy of the eloquent spirit of poet Chelan Harkin, and feel yourself remembering why you're here, too...

Humanity’s Epic Awakening A Mystical Odyssey Beyond Belief with Mary Reed (Made by Headliner)-2
Download MP4 • 4.99MB

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1 Comment

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Mar 11, 2023


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