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A Stunning Mother's Day Story

This sacred story is shared in the spirit of Mother's Day, with permission...

Last week I did a channeled consultation with Chelan Harkin, the extraordinary mystic poet whose work many of you know. As I entered into the connected state with my guides, Consensus, I felt myself on the stage of the stadium as I usually do and immediately two things happened:

1) the stage filled with the greatest of Divine masters, all lovingly serious;

2) I felt an incredible warm rush within my body as though there was a baby in development in my womb. And specifically, “womb” was important to be aware of.

Quickly, something like to a nativity scene formed on the stage, with all the masters gathered around this child, this being in a womb, about to be born.

I said to Chelan, “The masters that are here are attending to what can only be described as the Christ child. And what is happening is a process of holy gestation. The gestation is holy because the development process here is extremely precious.”

I then entered into the essence of the child in the womb and felt the extreme shock it was experiencing in being in the presence of such profound Divine Love as these masters. Even as an unbirthed infant, at its core it felt unworthy, unable to live up to such lofty expectations; the possibility of life in the presence of these masters was too much to handle. The child was in a panic because this feeling of inadequacy was a core level identity issue that had never been addressed in the development stage of its life.

This was the panicked child that Chelan has been carrying around within the core of her being. To this human child, the reality of Chelan’s powerful connection to Divine presence and Divine truth has always felt entirely too big. Because of this, the human part of her reality has always felt entirely too confusing and painful. So she’s been living with a constant rejection of all aspects of her humanness that make her feel that she’s not capable of living up to, or worthy of, her Divine potential. She has lived in deep loneliness and shame about these aspects of herself because they didn't feel holy.

Soon the scene ballooned out and became about all manner of lineages and the collective consciousness. The greater paradigms of self rejection and separation ideologies were playing out, but being experienced and understood very intimately within this scene of the holy gestation — revisiting the development stage — of the seed of Christ within.

Eventually, the realization came that the womb symbology was important to help Chelan understand that her role was never to be the human trying to be Divine, but rather the Divine mother of these human aspects that do not realize they are already Divine. Her role was to embrace these parts of her being, nurture them, and allow them to develop into an understanding of their own sacredness — their own sense of belonging in the Divine family. Because the Christ child is the whole being. It is the whole, being One here and now.

This holy gestation process was allowing a reconciliation that has long, long, long been needed to bring the human and Divine parts together to understand it’s all holy. It’s all Christ. It’s all One. And it always has been.

I wanted to share this story with all of you because what Chelan realized in this session is actually what’s happening within all of us in our awakening. We are realizing the opportunity for authentic all-of-Self acceptance. All-of-Self love. All-of-Self care. All-of-Self embrace. All-of-Self belonging.

At the end of the session Chelan said, “A poem came through me during that experience.” (Her poems come through her fully formed.) I include that poem below, and invite you to lean into all that rises up in you as you imagine how doing what she says might feel. The poem itself is an excellent teacher. May its message be a powerful catalyst for the development of, and true resurrection of, the Christ child within all of us.

(For more on channeled consultations and teachings, see links included after the poem.)

Big happy love and happy Mother’s Day,



I am The Mother of my pain

I bring it home into embrace.

I am the authority

of my belonging

and I am vast enough

to choose

to embrace all of me.

I am in service

to the rejected.

I nurse the neglected.

I set the table

for the marginalized,

I tuck the devil

into bed

and watch it soften.

I embrace evil

and bathe and wash the feet

of the damned.

I clothe the calloused.

I nurture the numb.

I hold the cheeks

of the humiliated.

I am the Lover of falsity,

I kiss it into truth.

I bow to the beggar,

I see radiance in wreckage.

I absorb the hells

and bring heaven to earth

in my body.

I furnish the space

to welcome unworthiness.

I pour shame

a big cup up tea.

My beloved manifestations

of separation,

those children I have not

fully welcomed,

I see you now.

Come home.

You are of me.

I am The Mother

of my pain.

I am the authority of belonging.

I choose to accept

all of myself.

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