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A Word About Words

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

A Word About Words

In the bible is: “In the beginning, there was Word and the Word was with God.” The very first thing that came into my awareness in my initial mystical experience was “WORDS.” So what’s the big deal about words?

Our world is the outward expression of the words we embody.

Thoughts come to us in words; even thought images are narrated with words. And every single word that courses through our mind is a creative force. But which words come to us in thought depends on the field of energy we are residing in. 

Collectively, humanity has been residing in a field of fear and creating from there, because individually we all inherited the conditioning of fear-oriented thinking. Once we recognize this, we can intentionally move to the energy field of love.

Each time one of us chooses to move into the field of love and create from there we affect the collective, and we change what is available to others now and what is bequeathed to future generations.

To recognize where you are residing, simply observe your thoughts. Are you experiencing words that originate in fear or love? You can easily feel the difference: the words either feel constricting and limiting or opening and expansive.

When I experienced the origins of conscious awareness, my very first thought was narrated with the words, “I am Goodness, and I want to BE all that I Am!” Then I felt myself rocketed into the evolution of my BEing. I created “life” with the words I AM GOODNESS AND I WANT TO BE ALL THAT I AM because the field I was in was the field of pure love and I wanted to experience all of that love.

This is where we all started. May we all remember this now, remember ourselves as Divine Creators, and create from our rightful place in the field of love. A fabulous new world awaits our creation.


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