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How to Trust in Love

Recently I was asked to write an article on the subject of trust for Miracles Magazine, a publication that centers on the teachings of A Course in Miracles. While ACIM often uses different language than I do, the fundamentals of my work and ACIM teachings align beautifully, which is not surprising given that both originate directly from Source/God.

The article appears in the current print edition of Miracles Magazine, so for those who don't subscribe to that, here it is...

How to Trust in Love

By Mary Reed

In his mystically-received Choose Only Love, Sebastián Blaksley writes, “Where there is unconditional love there is unlimited trust.”

This is profoundly true, but presents at least two challenges for many people to grasp. The first is that the human mind inherently thinks of love as conditional. We love someone when…, or if…, or as long as…, or because…. The latter is easiest to overlook as a conditional term since it usually includes a list of nice reasons someone is lovable, or it’s based on the classic spiritual mandate, “because God said I should.”

The mind ruled by the ego cannot understand how we can love when there’s no list of reasons, no holy instruction, or no criteria being met for when, or if, or as long as, or because. This is a struggle for the mind because, truly, love is not an action to be justified but our natural state of being. And we cannot realize the state of BEING love as long our mind is trying to justify DOING love.

In my work as a mystic wisdom teacher, I have a simple way to help people remember that they, themselves, are an expression and experience of Divine unconditional love. If we consider that the pure nature of love is solely to love, then we can understand that it only knows how to be one thing: love. Love only knows how to be love in the same way fear only knows how to be afraid, judgment only knows how to judge, anger only knows how to be angry, and so on.

If, in the presence of any person, place, or experience, love can only be love, then all questions of worthiness are moot. All love does is love in every situation because that’s all love IS. Divine love, by its very nature, considers all forms of life equal, free to be as they are, and not only accepted but cherished as unique expressions of the Oneness of God. When we align with Divine love we become the Divine witness able to see as God sees.

Understanding this makes it simple for us to realize how we are showing up in any given moment. If we find ourselves making an effort to love, looking for reasons to justify love, we are not showing up as love. We are showing up as judgment checking for worthiness, or fear checking for safety.

Remember the classic statement in A Course in Miracles that everything is either an expression of love or a call for love? The moment we realize we are present in something other than pure love, it becomes obvious that the patterns of judgment and fear within us, based on what we are witnessing around us, are calls for love to ourselves. And by answering that call we contribute love not only to ourselves but also to the world around us. In this exquisitely easy way, love becomes our contribution to humanity no matter the situation.

The second challenge people have in deeply grasping Blaksley’s “where there is unconditional love there is unlimited trust” is that the ego-based mind equates trust with belief. If the mind doesn’t believe something, how can it be trusted?

Can you see the connection here between “achieving” unconditional love and unlimited trust? The mind that thinks of love in conditional terms does so because it needs to make sure it is safe to trust. The mind is making a valiant effort to love and trust because that’s what the mind does. It is conditioned to believe it must do something to achieve well-being, not merely allow it.

What a profoundly compassionate offering of relief for the mind is the level of Divine love and trust we are being called to now! Our awakening into unconditional love includes the mind, and in doing so we release this precious part of us from the unbearably heavy burden of responsibility for our well-being. This Divine embrace allows the mind to experience—not try to believe—the well-being that happens when we shift from doing love (an effort) to being love (an embrace). As the mind experiences evermore relief on the new path of ease versus the old path of effort, trust becomes easier and ever vaster—and eventually unlimited.

We fully feel the depth of this compassion when we realize that trusting in love is trusting in yourself, for love is what you truly are.

Ultimately, unconditional love and unlimited trust are supremely selfish acts. And that’s the whole point: it all begins and is perpetuated within. We cannot expect humanity to be something to which we are ourselves are not willing to contribute. We cannot expect all wars “out there” to end while our mind is still a source of perpetual battles. And we cannot expect everyone else to heal while we ourselves are still a source of perpetual wounding. Can you see how powerfully healing it is to be selfish?

How we show up for ourselves is the truth of whether we’re living in our Divine power. If we show up as Divine unconditional love in any given moment, in the midst of any event big or small, from where is that healing love emanating? Within us. And in that state of Divine love, where is trust being placed? Within us. This is our Divine power.

Earlier this year, Consensus, the large collective of Divine beings I channel, gave a two-part teaching entitled “The Time Has Come to Trust” in which they reiterated the wonderfully selfish act of trusting our own divinity. This was followed by “The Time Has Come to Step Into Your Power” in which they reiterated how deeply healing it is for ourselves and humanity when we are willing to live the truth of our divinity. They affirmed that the momentum of our collective awakening is accelerating and the impact of our choices can be far-reaching.

What better time, then, to do as Sebastián Blaksley suggests and to choose only love?


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