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Let's Stop Calling It God

Recently my dear friend Chelan Harkin, the young Rumi and Hafiz of our day, posted this poem, which has struck a wildly resonate chord with thousands around the world. If you haven't yet discovered Chelan's work you can find out more at

Let’s stop calling it God. It's too heavy a name. It means too much. It needs too much redemption. It is too tied to history and old weight in your heart. It feels more cage than key, more should than want, more authoritative than attractive, more death than life. Choose a name that carries its rightful tone~ Call it the most beautiful longings of Life, Call it the inspiration that sings through form,

the genius behind all that brings things to blossom. Call it whatever it is that adds poetry to the radiance of the moon or that which attunes us to beauty. Call it the Wild Grace, that encourages the sapling into the oak, that which delivers us into the grandeur and nobility of our deeply rooted joy, that which redeems us from the fallacious notion that there was ever evil. Call it that which prompts us to pray, not for the sake of salvation that was never needed, but for the satisfaction of the heart in expressing the fullness of its gratitude. Call it that which adores the totality of our truth and beckons it forward with the invitation to know more light~ Call it She who animates the ocean waves, who composes sunsets, who carves the great clay bowls of the valleys and uses the steady hands of time to raise the mountains. Call it intelligence, inspiration, brilliance, insight and guidance, The magic within science. The ecosystem of light that connects us all. Call it the custom-made currents that yearn to flow you toward whatever in this generous world will best pollinate your heart’s beauty.


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