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On the Road Again

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

On the Road Again

Shortly I will begin my North America road tour, which means I will leave the family who generously adopted me during my extended stay in Grand Rapids, MI. One of the countless things I’ve been blessed by in this home is the three-year-old who spends every weekend here with his grandmother. Very quickly this wise wee one decided he and grandma should join me in my morning routine of having coffee while watching the birds.

Morning coffee never tasted so sweet.

Deepest thanks to my hosts and all the local communities that have welcomed me again here in Michigan; I joyfully look forward to seeing you next time I’m in the ‘hood.

And now, I joyfully look forward to coming together with other communities from coast to coast, seeing old friends and new. I’ll be in the northwest August — mid-September, the east coast late September — October, and then making my way back to California via the midwest in November.

If you’d like me to stop by your community, be sure to click the Invite Mary tab and drop me a note. This is an important time to come together in loving intention, and I am giddily excited to do that with communities across America and Canada!

Watch my Events page for ongoing updates on where I’ll be, and by all means come give me a hug.

Big happy love to all. See you down the road…


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