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Out of Your Own Fire, Speak Your Own Commandment

The poet Alfred K. LaMotte is on of several people I reference in the Introduction to Humanity's Epic Awakening because his work confirms and inspires my own. A recent piece from Alfred aligns beautifully with the chapter called End of Ancient Elders where I speak of setting all wisdom free from past associations so we can know it here and now in ourselves and everything...

"If you sing to God, whether you cry Allah, Jesus, Kannon, Shyam, I will hear you. If you dance with God, whether veiled or naked, I will play the drum. If you shake your fist at God, I will say Amen, for that is also prayer. If you stalk barefoot and silent through the forest, every step an offering for your tribe, I will expose my breast, my jugular. The blood is sacred, the hunt is worship, all food divine. Whirl like a leaf in my sunbeam. Wash war from your hands in the stream of crystal waters that flow from my mountain of silence. Bewilder me with your devotion, make me wild again. But do not recite dead men's letters. Leave ancient scrolls in their desert-hidden jar. Out of your own fire, speak your own commandment. I do not need obedience. Just taste and see. Feast on living. If your love is a bolt of lightning, you will pierce my chest. If you build your roofless shrine of sap-root and twigs, moonbeams and darkness, my Name will dwell in every atom of your body."


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