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Self-Paced Divine New Being Course Now Available

Given the success of the Divine New Being course, which is usually offered in a structured 4-month format that includes extensive live group support, I’ve been asked numerous times to make it available in a format that can accommodate those who need more flexibility in their schedule or who need to absorb the impact and teachings at their own pace.

Today I’m happy to release the complete set of 28 original teachings and meditations in a self-paced offering. At just a quarter of the cost of the group experience, it does not include the benefit of group live sessions with me but it does include a 30% discount for private consultations in the event any participant needs personal support as the shifts induced by the teachings progress.

Read the course information, watch the video to hear what previous participants have to say about this one-of-a-kind mind-blowing course, then get started on your own journey to Divine New Being today.


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