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Simplest Thing

Simplest Thing

the simplest thing is this: we are love exploring love

is it like this? yes is it like that? yes

how do we know? because there is experience of this and that

are we not billions of prisms angling against the same light?

in any string of words passionate opinion, neutral pass elegant perspective, careless blurt wise teaching, clever lie inspiring reason, trite drivel there is love exploring love

in any act of man and nature compassionate, beastly artistic, clumsy mighty, meek giver, thief there is love exploring love

do we not experience all of these?

we explore oceans mountains deserts forests islands galaxies without demanding that all must be like this must behave like that we explore to discover diversity majesty creativity perspective nourishment in their thises and thats and bow in awe to such treasure

are we willing to explore humans with such reverence?

mind has explored concept of right concept of wrong based on concept of good concept of bad trying every way possible to make one concept control another concept or better yet make one concept master so “I” can finally be satisfied

heart explores differently curiously in wonder in receipt in humility in embrace in joy, joy, joy celebrating, oh celebrating love’s ability to explore itself

now mind exhausted from its feats is ready to yield and heart is willing for the simplest thing


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