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The Optional Part of Awakening

I recommend very few books, but Oneness by Rasha is one that I love turning people onto. It's the only book I've ever read that thoroughly nails both the scope and details of what is happening in the awakening of our individual and collective consciousness.

Here's a snippet from the book on rising to a higher perspective, and what is optional in the process…

This level of understanding is not born of the process of thought. And it is not something that can be taught until the individual is ready to learn.

This transcendent state of awareness comes automatically, when one is energetically attuned to shift into a higher gear of one’s own consciousness. The higher level of awareness is no less you than you are. It is not a matter of becoming “someone else,” for that someone else is you. And as your process evolves, you experience a quickening, wherein a knowingness crystallizes in such an impactful way that it is impressed indelibly upon your consciousness and becomes the only truth possible, at that level of awareness.

This is the nature of the process of reintegration, experientially, on the journey to Oneness. The awareness and the integration of heightened levels of understanding are the by-products of the process. And the end result will be achieved with or without your help. The reintegration of the fragmented aspects of your vibrational essence is a fact of human life.

What is optional is the level of pain, disease, and discomfort one chooses to experience along the way.

When one clings to the trappings of a life that is a monument to separation, the dismantling process is a major undertaking and its manifestation in that individual’s reality can be extremely uncomfortable. When there is surrender to the momentum of a process that is clearly “larger than life,” one is able to ease through the transitions and experience the full magnitude of joy in one’s realization of the heightened states of being.

These are the conditions and the choices before you now. For you are Oneness in every aspect of your essence. With every minute nuance of your being, you are the embodiment of the energetic equation of life itself. You are the physical expression of a momentum that yearns, in unison with all Creation, to reunite with All That Is. And that momentum is flowing in the direction in which it is flowing regardless of the thoughts, interference, or resistance of anyone—or everyone.

I have lived the truth of these words over and over again, and have also experienced this same teaching through diverse mystical events over and over again. I know from experience it can be extremely difficult for our precious fear-based mind to surrender to choices that feel in complete opposition to that which feels "safe." But when we reach the point where we realize our "safe" paths are actually perpetuating pain rather than inciting joy, we can see that we are finally ready to learn (and live) from the transcendent state of higher perspective.

And speaking from experience, this is a much -- much -- easier way to enjoy the journey to Oneness.

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Unknown member
Feb 27, 2022

Wonderful precious Mary! This book showed up for me in 2008 at time when I was sooo lost. After 16 years with A Course in Miracles applied within raising my family and my tech career, I was desperate for more loving practical answers. And I was beginning to doubt that Love is always the answer! This book was a Godsend and not 8 months later A Course of Love showed up in my life embracing me and leading me to you! All things in perfect timing. So thank you dear one for this reminder. I've just pulled Oneness (the book that is haha!) off my bookcase again! As I'm sinking ever deeper into stillness, this will no doubt refresh me…

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