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The Startling View of Us

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

The Startling View of Us

Unity of Vancouver just shared with me this rare video of my entire *startling* tour talk, recorded during my evening with them last week. (Q&A cut due to length.)

Everywhere I have visited on my tour thus far, response has been incredible to this unfathomable journey through the entire course of humanity’s evolution: where we started, how we created life, how we got where we are today, how we’re finally breaking the cycle of fear-based creation, and now where we’re going.

If you’d like to experience this talk in person, or attend a retreat based on this talk, click on the Upcoming Events tab and come see me when I’m in your area. If I’m not scheduled in your ‘hood, gather your community together and let’s get me there!

BIG thanks for Unity of Vancouver for this video and for their enthusiastic welcome. I look forward to seeing you again in May of 2019 for an encore talk and daylong retreat (details soon).

Big startling love all around!


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