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The Time Has Come to Trust

Again and again this year the issue of trusting oneself to access the Divine wisdom within has been front and center with people I (with Consensus) have guided in individual retreats and consultations. It also came up prominently in my January interview with Suzanne Giesemann, and just three days later in my weekly gatherings, Consensus began a two-part channeled teaching on the subject.

Over these weeks, the phrase "the time has come to trust" has come up repeatedly, and all evidence points to this certainly being the case. As individuals I've worked with have allowed themselves to trust, astonishing realizations, healing, and abilities have opened up for them -- and they remain open as they continue to trust. It has truly been wondrous to witness such profound transformations.

Given how important and impactful this issue is right now, I am making public the video recordings of both sessions of Consensus's teachings on trust. I highly recommend you let yourself relax into their guidance and see how things begin to open up as trust reveals the healing wonders within you.

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