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Wall-to-Wall Wisdom and Beauty. My Exciting, Visionary New Book Is Out Now!

I am thrilled to announce that my new book is finally available! Early feedback and has been incredible, and I am eager for everyone to experience this one-of-a-kind inspiring look at our collective evolution through the lens of Divine experience.

"Should come with a disclaimer: May cause seeing the world through new eyes."

"I kept floating into deep states as I read. The energy in the words were like a drug getting me high."

"I will read this again and again, savoring the nuggets wisdom on every page."

"Chelan Harkin's poetry verses between the stories are just the right pillows upon which to pause between steps on this incredible journey. Brilliant!"

"WOW! Just...OMG WOW!"

"Each chapter is an astounding story on its own, but together they create Our Great Astounding Story. It gives me hope and motivation and tears of joy!"

"Breathtaking moments throughout. The bookmarks and highlight become meaningless because they're on every page."

Get your copy today at


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