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Your Life Your Way

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

On Thursday morning I approached the busy intersection of 16th and K streets in downtown Washington, DC during the height of rush hour traffic.

To my left I saw a middle-aged woman approaching the intersection in a stylish, tight-fitting tan dress and matching six-inch slingback heels, her long blonde hair piled up high in a got-important-things-to-do bun. She was wearing large Jackie-O sunglasses and her gaze was steady and straight ahead.

Unlike me, this woman was approaching the intersection rapidly on a lime green scooter.

Without even a hint of braking, this boss lady zipped through a long line of cars, across the intersection, past pedestrians on every corner who were watching this impressive performance, and on down 16th street. In cars and sidewalks on all sides there were smiles and rounds of silent applause.

That brief moment was wildly inspiring for me — and I was just one person standing on one corner. How many other people standing on how many corners that morning saw Lime Scooter Boss Lady as a fabulous reminder to let our badassery shine loud and proud? I’m guess a LOT. And all she was doing was her life her way.

So go on then. Do your life your way. Let us see your badassery. You never know who’ll be standing on the corner watching and smiling in silent applause.


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