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Meet Mary


I am originally from New Mexico. I like tortillas and anything spicy.

When my mystical journey began I was a healthcare executive based in Washington, DC. After ten years of trying to reconcile two confusing worlds, one visible to everyone and one visible only to me, my successful “normal" life collapsed.


My massive confusion and devastation led to a serious suicide attempt in 2011, which quite unexpectedly led me to a monastic life in the Himalayas in India. That surreal awakening journey is the basis of my first book, Unwitting Mystic.

 I am grateful that telling my strange truth has inspired people around the world to come out with, or come into, their own revelations of awakening. So, I’m a big fan of truth telling.

 I am an avid traveler, constantly enchanted by surprising discoveries, and I love to dance. In the words of The Little Prince, these are the matters of real consequence.

Watch this moving overview of my journey and the scale of what I embody.

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