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My work is a Divine collaboration, and this happens most intimately on an ongoing basis with my private community.

I gather with members of my private community online twice weekly; on Sundays we enjoy channeled teachings and meditations together, and on Wednesdays we read and discuss books that align with the teachings I receive/share. All sessions are recorded and archived for members.


In addition to a variety of member benefits, my private community provides critical support that allows me to share the Divine wisdom I am given with anyone around the world through videos, courses, events, books and consultations.

While all members enjoy their discounts, the benefit they most treasure is the incredible gift of heartfelt community and private teachings in a wildly embracing environment every week.


If this kind of collaboration sounds joyful to you, come join us.

Select the Member Benefit Level That is Right for You

You know your light shines brightly. And you light up others’ worlds.

  • You ensure those who are facing financial difficulties receive full scholarships for retreats, counseling or online courses. 

  • You or one family member may attend one-day retreats or receive consultations up to once a quarter after three months of membership.

  • You get 50% discount on online courses.

  • You’re invited to all weekly online satsangs, book group discussions, and special gatherings with Mary.

  • Access to members only forum.

Star Power



Every month




Just one session can change your world.

Want to tap into your innate capabilities?

Understand what's happening in your personal awakening?

Transform painful patterns at their origin?

Realize healing truths to discover your Divine potential?

About Your Session

While every consultation is unique, sessions begin with a few questions about your background and spiritual journey, then my guides, Consensus, will explore a wide range of things with you in a meditative state. In this state I will narrate what is revealed within your energetic field that may need clearing or understanding. As you relax deeper into our connection, we may be able to explore wisdom that comes through you, not through me.


These sessions are profound and usually a big surprise for those who allow themselves to deeply surrender to the moment because the mind is bypassed and authentic truth can be accessed. Clarity and healing perspectives are realized in an experiential way rather than an intellectual or theoretical way, allowing things to easily shift alchemically in the body/energy field.

A few things to know before your consultation/reading:

  • Because we will work in a meditative state together, please ensure you are in a space that is both private and without risk of disturbance for up to two hours.

  • You’ll need decent internet reception and lighting. 

  • For at least 24 hours before and after our session do not have any other kind of treatment that may affect your emotional state or energetic field (e.g. acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, hypnosis…).

  • I do not watch the clock. All pressure of time is removed to allow us to settle in deeply for up to two hours. 

  • I do not connect you with loved ones who have passed.

  • The session will be recorded and you will receive the link to download for your records.

  • Sessions are $300 for up to two hours.

  • This work is not a substitute for mental health services or medications.


After reviewing the "About Your Session" information, schedule your private consultation here.​





Upcoming Events

Mary rarely offers public events, so join her mailing list to stay updated!

Inciting the Vibrant Spirit of Divine Being

Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas

October 25-28, 2024

Join Mary for a transformative immersion into the mystical journey of devolving out of the heaviness of “me” and into the vibrant freedom of your True Self. Discover the peace, joy, and vibrancy that is revealed as old paradigms end with the illumination of awakened being. Mary will share her fascinating story and channeled guidance that she hopes will incite an ancient remembrance within you that will catalyze profound realizations and healings – not just for yourself but for all humanity.

Offered as 3 satsangs and 3 workshops (subject to change).

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