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Humanity's Epic Awakening

Humanity’s future is not only bright, it is astonishing. Modern mystic Mary Reed takes us through the full trajectory of our collective awakening, which is “as much a creative momentum as it is a destructive one.”

For more than two decades Mary has viewed our world through the lens of profound mystical events with Jesus, Buddha, and other masters. The incredible details of these events inspire new understandings of the painful past we are outgrowing, the healing present we are already in, and the breathtaking future we will soon claim in our freedom from fear and strife.

Mary’s narratives are accented potently with the eloquence of mystic poet Chelan Harkin, and together they lead us in ecstatic cheers for all that is underway.

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Unwitting Mystic

This award-winning memoir is a rare journey from Washington, DC to India, veering occasionally into otherworldly realms in the company of God, Jesus, Buddha and a woman with no previous interest in, or understanding of, spiritual teachings.

This transcendent story goes far beyond the conflict nature of human experience to offer hope in the promise of resurrection — not of past ideals of a savior but of a present world brilliantly illuminated by our own divinity.

"If you're seeking spiritual inspiration and answers, or maybe just a really good read, get this treasure of a book." ~Suzanne Giesemann, Author of Messages of Hope

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Divine New Being

A Readers’ Favorite 5-star book!

As humanity evolves into unity consciousness -- wholeness, resurrection, The New, whatever we wish to call it -- new resources are necessary to guide us into higher states of being. This book sets the gold standard for just such support.

Working through Mary and her co-teacher Corene Crossin, a large, jubilant group of Divine teachers invite everyone into the embodiment of higher states of being with them. They remind us that unity consciousness is not something we can get to through belief. We get there through the experience of union itself.

This book is the full text of the original live recordings of 28 channeled teachings offered in the Divine New Being course.

"With your willingness to open a heart-space, Mary and her companions can help you connect with who you really are." ~ Glenn Hovemann, Publisher of A Course of Love

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A beautifully written book with an important message to tell.

Lisa F., UK

Unwitting Mystic

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