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Inciting the Vibrant Spirit of Divine Being


Join Mary for a transformative immersion into the mystical journey of devolving out of the heaviness of “me” and into the vibrant freedom of your True Self. Discover the peace, joy, and vibrancy that is revealed as old paradigms end with the illumination of awakened being. Mary will share her fascinating story and channeled guidance that she hopes will incite an ancient remembrance within you that will catalyze profound realizations and healings – not just for yourself but for all humanity.

Offered as 3 satsangs and 3 workshops (subject to change).

October 25-28, 2024

no more 'til '24!

Interested in being guided in a personal channeled retreat? (community members only)

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Past Event Hosts

ACIM community
San Antonio, TX
All Ways Yoga
Eastern Shore, VA
Angela Mann
Oxford, PA
As You Wish Woods
Leopold, IN
Awake to Oneness Radio
Radio Interview
Awakening Together Community
Bridgeport Religious Education Directors
Greenwich, CT
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