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Updated: Nov 28, 2021


“God” is simply pure Cherishing Awareness. This pure Cherishing Awareness is experienced metaphysically as the bliss of Divine LOVE.

The “will of God” is to experience all there is to be aware of. And all of it is inherently cherished. We can never not be cherished by God.

God cannot judge because there is no such thing as good or bad awareness.

Through God all life is free to express itself as it is because oppression goes against the will of God and there is no such thing as awareness that oppresses or resists.

All life is accepted as it is because awareness can’t reject itself.

All life is in a state of Oneness because it is all only Cherishing Awareness being aware of and cherishing itself. So God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent.

God — pure Cherishing Awareness — FLOWS THROUGH US AS MOVEMENT giving us what we call “life.” Cherishing Awareness experiences and cherishes more of itself (all there is to be aware of) through the individualized lens that we call “me.”

We can experience the BELIEF that we are separate from God as “me” because BELIEF is an illusion that Cherishing Awareness can experience. Cherishing Awareness is aware of (experiencing) both the belief in separation through us and the knowing of its Oneness with/through/as us. And it is cherishing all of it.

We can experience the BELIEF that there are such things as good and bad, oppression and rejection — and we can change these beliefs at any time because they are simply imaginary thoughts ABOUT what Cherishing Awareness is aware of. (We can be aware of an apple and have infinite beliefs ABOUT that apple.) Infinite beliefs are possible because God/we can be aware of infinite variations of imagination. And it inherently cherishes every variation.

We experience pain in our beliefs of separation, good/bad, oppression and resistance/rejection because beliefs are not real and we are conditioned to focus on these unreal beliefs instead of the Cherishing Awareness that we are in Oneness with. This mis-direct of our focus creates pain in the deep and constant yearning to feel real, cherished, and free. Our pain is cherished as equally as any other experience.

We are now awakening — becoming more aware — of the remembrance of what is true, leading us to become ever more aware of life AS Cherishing Awareness. As we release our attachments to, and our focus on, beliefs in separation, good/bad, oppression, resistance/rejection, then Cherishing Awareness is more and more recognized to be right here within and all around us — AS US, THROUGH US, WITH US.



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