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Dreaming of Judge Judy

In my talks I sometimes refer to the thing that makes us suffer as “Judge Judy,” because it’s the part of us that incessantly analyzes the right/wrong good/bad facts about life, instead of finding wonder in the awareness of life itself. 

I’ve also said that the global awakening is happening as we’re learning to let go of our righteous need for Judge Judy.

I rarely remember my dreams, but last night I had one on this subject that was so fun and vivid I can still feel it.

I was at a massive party in a mansion with numerous rooms, and someone comes to get me. They say, “Judge Judy wants to see you.” I enter a large room in which JJ is holding court, but in a musical way. She motions to the band to start up, then she says to the crowd, “She’s going to take over for me now. Watch.” I have no idea what she’s talking about, but the music starts and she begins to sing the old classic Gershwin song “S Wonderful” (“It’s wonderful, it’s marvelous…), then she motions for me to join her. We sing fabulously together but gradually she stops and it’s just me belting it out. I don’t know the words but yet they flow from me powerfully. Judge Judy beams proudly as she watches me, and when I was finish she smiles knowingly at me, then steps down from her chair, retiring forever.


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