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Heartwarming and Inspiring: The BlissMisses and I Talk About What Matters

One of my favorite stories from people I've met in my travels comes from the Troubadours of Divine Bliss, or as I call them, the BlissMisses.

Renee and Aim Me met as kids in an evangelical church in Louisville, Kentucky where Renee's father was pastor and Aim Me's father, a church deacon, led a mutiny to kick the pastor out.

They remained friends, and twelve years later, while Renee was in the corporate world in Chicago and Aim Me was trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood, the two reconnected, fell in love, and decided to set their dreams free together. To their mutual surprise, that dream turned out to be uplifting others through music.

With only a guitar, an accordion, and deep faith that something magical was in store for them, they headed down to New Orleans and started busking. Over the next twenty-five years they sang on streets and in venues large and small all across America, Europe and Scandinavia. They eventually returned to the Louisville area and set up home base in a cabin on a 30-acre patch of the Hoosier National Forest they call As You Wish Woods where they host retreats. Recently they added another 30 acres with a retreat center and lodge called Way of the Heart.

Today they have 9 albums, founded and have hosted the Mighty Kindness festival in Louisville for 15 years, and have now begun a spirited heart-centric podcast to continue to connect with others in a more personal way. I was thrilled to be one of their first guests on their Caravan of the Heart podcast and think you'll find this conversation fun, enlightening, and uplifting...just like the BlissMisses themselves. Enjoy!


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