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Let’s Get Together

Let’s Get Together

The time has come. There are exciting things happening right now, right before us, within us, and all around us, and these things are ready for us to talk about them in a big, exciting way.

So let’s get together and do just that, shall we?

With the official launch of my website today I am finally ready to start filling in the schedule for my upcoming speaking tour in the US. My time will be limited, so I want to make the most of every single day and share as much love and inspiration with as many people as possible!

With few exceptions, all engagements will be donation-based. Whenever possible, a modest sponsorship is requested to cover travel, lodging and food to help me get my message out into the world. (And yes, I accept offers to stay with friends!)

The information listed on the Upcoming Events page is a general outline of the regions I expect to be in each month, based on invitations I have received thus far. This page will fill in and change over the next few weeks as details and dates become available, so stay tuned.

I am SO excited to get to see all of you, to hug your neck, to meet your communities and make new friends. We have much to talk about, so let’s get started and make some great things happen!

Love, peace and joy to all.


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