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Making Friends in the Divine Field

I am rarely aware of my dreams, but in the past three days I've had two memorable dreams about meeting other spiritual guides.

In the first, I dreamt about the mystic/medium Suzanne Giesemann, whom I've never met in person but she once interviewed me for her podcast. In the dream we were on vacation together in a foreign land and we were hanging out in a hotel room casually chatting for hours in our pajamas like teenagers. We were lounging around lazily in various places in the room; at one point we were each draped sideways over big plush chairs, later we were lying on the floor with our feet up on the wall (eating snacks), then we were sitting cross-legged facing each other on the beds. The whole time we were chatting nonstop about...just stuff. It was soooo cozy and chill and familiar.

And wouldn't you know it, the next morning Suzanne called me to tell me she was reading my new book and had an amazing "God moment" involving me that she just had to tell me about. She later texted to say that she hoped we could connect to talk more soon, since we both have a rather rare divinely "integrated" way of life.

Then, last night I had another fun dream involving the prolific channeler Paul Selig. Paul has said in interviews that he is a bit of a curmudgeon, so in my dream I was lightheartedly pretending to sell him a series of new common household items I had "invented." These included things like a broom, a mop, a vacuum cleaner, etc. With great flair I presented him with a wildly happy woman using each of these items, and she made it all look wondrously novel and innovative.

He wasn't buying it. He said in a grumpy tone, "What's so new about this?"

I said, "I rented the woman!"

I was laughing and beaming brightly at Paul, genuinely loving him so much in this moment and offering him this silly joy like a precious gift to lighten his spirit...and he just turned and walked away.

I turned back to the woman, who was now holding the broom in a suspended sweeping pose, and said, "You gotta admit, this is hysterical."

So, I hope today Paul is feeling a random sense of joy, perhaps while doing a bit of sweeping, and wondering where on earth that bit of lightheartedness came from.


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2 komentarze

Nieznany użytkownik
23 mar 2023

Ditto Todd Kramer. Hilarious. And I love that Paul describes himself as a bit of a curmudgeon.


Nieznany użytkownik
23 mar 2023

I'm soooo Lovin THIS!!😍

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