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Raw Isness: A Powerful Channeled Meditation

On Sunday, June 30, after a week of feeling a lot of intense energetic shifts, a powerful channeled meditation came through during my weekly community gathering.

While I have been channeling every week in these gatherings for more than four years, I don't often share the teachings/meditations publicly because my guides work with me and my community as a collective field.

But occasionally a teaching/meditation comes through that I know is also meant for the public. And this one is a doozy for those who can truly surrender into the raw vibration being conveyed in the experience.

Offered with immense love...

1 comment

1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 04

I'm grateful you shared this publicly ☺️

It's an honor to share this with a few of my friends ❤️

Such a beautiful and powerful meditation 💝

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