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True Truth

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

True Truth

Just over seventeen years ago, I was sitting in a white room filled with dozens of light beings receiving a profound mystical teaching on the conflict nature of our world. A spectacularly luminous god-like being was holding my head and pouring unfathomable wisdom into me, and the last thing He said was, “What people turned to to justify their anger they didn’t know was wrong. They just didn’t know.” Then He said, “True truth rather than false truth. Bring these words and the angels home with you.”

Today what I see before me in the world reveals evermore of what these words mean. And it is words themselves that can help others see the lesson of truth from my vantage point.

In this era of owning our authentic truth, the words we choose can help us discover what we are really being true to. If we know ourselves to be Love, words like ‘hate’ and ‘enemy’ are understood to be not only untrue, but impossible. Who can Love ever hate? Who is ever Love’s enemy?

When our individual and collective pain holds up its mirror, we have a choice. We can respond to the reflection we see, which literally requires both the perspective and language of the opposite of truth. Or we can respond to the pain that is holding up the mirror, which literally requires the perspective and language of Source.

The truth of our BEing is calling us to shift both our perspective and language from WHAT we see before us to WHY we are seeing what is before us. When we authentically intend to make that shift, we’re on our way to discovering our true truths, and the words of false truths become impossible to speak.


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