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Truly, A Miracle

Since I previously shared about my brother’s colon cancer diagnosis and invited prayers for him, I want to share the news we finally received from his doctor. I need to point out that this news did not come when it was "supposed to." It was due to come 3 days after his extensive resection surgery in February, then 7 days afterwards, then 10 days, but no news came until 14 days later...when the timing was absolutely perfect.

The surgeon had said that the cancer was extensive and had spread, and he was 90% certain that the lymph nodes and liver spots he removed were cancerous. Given this information and the fact that my brother had been gravely ill for seven months prior to the surgery (unbeknownst to me), all indications were that her was in late stage cancer and my family was having all manner of planning discussions about potentialities.

On March 5th, the day after I arrived in Texas to help care for my brother, the doctor left a message, saying he was “stoked” to share the pathology results. My brother returned the doctor's call and put his phone on speaker so that his wife, his two sisters, and his daughter (who arrived in town just hours after I did) could all hear the news at the same time he did: The lymph nodes and liver biopsies were all negative, and it appears the surgery got all cancer from his colon and abdominal wall. If the final histology reports are as good as this initial report, there will most likely be no further treatment required. He will have one more surgery to remove his colostomy bag, then that will be it.

The surprise and excitement in the doctor’s voice made the news even more fun to receive, and when my brother hung up we all had an ecstatic group hug and cry. Truly, it felt like we were standing smack dab in the middle of a miracle…and yet, truly, it also felt like no surprise at all. Although my brother had been declining for months, in the weeks leading up to the surgery he had potent prayers and healing intentions focused on him from all around the world. And I had arrived at the airport on my way to see him at exactly 4:44AM, so I had already gotten a Divine wink of assurance that all was going to be well.

So, on behalf of all my family, I want to thank you thank you thank you for all your prayers, best wishes, and healing intentions for my brother. We are profoundly grateful to all who contributed to this supreme expression of love.



Unknown member
Mar 18

Wonderful Divine news!


Unknown member
Mar 17

Wow! Wow! and Super Wow! Thank you for sharing this Mary and congratulations all around!!💖

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