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With God

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

With God

A few weeks ago I started a routine where before I go to sleep I call forth the words, “With God” and then surrender my individual sense of identity with the intention to sleep in a purely unitive consciousness. In the morning when I wake up I call forth the words, “With God” again, then surrender my individual sense of identity and wonder, “What will we do in union today?” When I start my meditations I call forth the words “With God” and then surrender all thoughts and simply sit in a silent unitive state.

My intention here is to condition my body, mind and awareness to consistently recall through embodied experience the unitive consciousness that has been seemingly forgotten in this “I” vantage point of perspective known as Mary Reed.

In doing this practice with regularity I have started noticing a significant shift in the quality of thoughts that rise up in me. As a rule I have a remarkably quiet mind, but when thoughts do come up they are now consistently deeper, more substantive, more fundamental to all of life.

I find myself randomly recalling old events in my personal history and it’s like I dive off a high cliff and go straight down to what’s at the very bottom of the experience. And then I see how the parallels of that experience have been playing out in the world throughout time, and the parallels of what’s happening today become particularly luminous. These are huge issues — abandonment, purpose, compassion, worthiness, anger, grief, etc., but they do not feel so huge when I’m encountering them in a state of understanding.

My mystical abilities have always involved perspectives of wisdom that are profoundly fundamental; central core themes that all of humanity grapples with. However, now I seem to be accessing these understandings not just through mystical “events” but through a level of ongoing awareness that exists in a unitive-type consciousness.

I’m sharing these recent experiences now in case the “With God” practice feels helpful to others. The first step, of course, is always the hardest: a genuine willingness to surrender “I”…


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